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Who we are: unbiased Data is an outsourced b2B Digital sales team. We help you find clients that see the value in your product or service.
how we do it : 
  • Create A Sales Process Tailored To Your Business
  •  Make Phone Calls, Send Emails, and Connect via LinkedIn
  •  Attend Conferences
  •  Attend Virtual Meetings and Make Virtual Presentations
  •  Create and Schedule Content, Making Your Sales Team Omnipresent
  •  Perform Market Research 
  •  Provide Sales and Customer Service Training
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Our Clients:
It has been very beneficial working with Gary. We learned from him how to start engaging in a new market, how to establish connections with new clients, how to make the relationship with the clients closer so that finally they become our clients. We had new clients already and expect we will have more within 6 months.
- Hans Lee 
KM Healthcare
Gary is a remarkable presenter and communicator. We hired Unbiased Data to prepare a series of client service presentations and are very happy. I encourage other companies to use Unbiased Data.
- Rick Walker 
Gary Dennis and Unbiased Data helped the Bauer Executive Education program determine the need for a Healthcare Executive Education focused curriculum. Gary and his team were easy to work with and provided good feedback. 
- Gary Randazzo 
University of Houston
Our Story From Our Founder:
"It's like dating, but for companies"
I was a corporate sales executive for a Fortune 500 company, trying to create a new market for them. I really wanted to increase sales so I could reach my quota and support my family.

I also wanted to exceed the expectations of my managers.

The thing is, I was struggling because my managers were constantly leaving the company. Unfortunately, there can be a lot of risk when entering new markets. Companies invest time, resources, and if it does not go as planned, people leave or lose their jobs.

Within a year, I watched nearly my entire sales team and my managers lose their job or leave. At that time, I realized it was time to make a change.

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened...

I read the book Strategy Beyond The Hockey Stick and learned about how biases in the workplace were preventing real changes from being made.  Clients and employees did not want to share the business problems they face with the company. Employees are afraid of the consequences of saying something negative about the company and clients do not want the conflict. These biases affect the growth of your business.

It became crystal clear to me how to help companies grow their business. I saw that I could help companies overcome the biases and quickly increase sales with very little time or investment by them.

I also learned that it was difficult for companies to build a sales team. Hiring, training, developing, managing, and retaining sales talent takes time and it is expensive. Also, if the initiative isn't successful, you may have to let them go or they will leave.  

As a result I built a sales team to take the risk off the sales professionals and relieve the burden of sales leadership. Unbiased Data helps companies overcome biases when entering new markets, and increase sales.

Suddenly, we were helping B2B companies from various industries, quickly find new clients.

Our plan was to start finding clients that want to enter new markets.

So we started looking at international businesses. International businesses face language barriers, cultural barriers, and location barriers. But we didn’t stop there..

We decided to broaden our focus in the market.

It would be like dating, but for B2B companies... 

In a nutshell, we would ask a business about the perception of our client and then introduce them if a need and desire was present. 

As a result, we created our Client Matching System.

We can now help nearly any company in a B2B environment increase sales.

Within one year, we were able to help a medical company, software company, and a university find clients or improve their business strategy.
And in the end, all of this means we're now able to help companies deploy a sales team fast and within a very competitive budget.


This question comes up all of the time.

What industry are you focused on? 

And then the questions increase...
  •  What do you know about medical?
  •  What do you know about software?
  •  What do you know about the chemical makeup of plastics?
  • ​And the list goes on...

We have found that the majority of the sales process involves only discussing your products or services from a high level, not all of the technical details. 

Manufacturers can be overly focused on their products features and benefits, but the clients are more focused on solving their problems.

Once we identify your target market, most of the sales process involves finding clients that have the problem your product or service solves, and finding clients that are willing to try something different.

There are different phases of the sales process.
  •  You have clients that know they have problems and are looking for a solution similar to what you have to offer.
  •  There are clients that know they have a problem, but do not know of a solution.
  • ​Finally, you have clients that do not know they have a problem.
Once we find potential clients within one of these categories, communication is key. We understand their needs and then connect them with your company when they are ready to make a purchase or engage further

If you would like to schedule a trial or have a conversation, please provide your name and email in the form above. 

We have a money back guarantee on our trial.
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